Rum Baba, or how to teach discipline

There is something barracks in the word «discipline». In school years, adults repeated this word so often that it seemed: school and barracks are something similar. As a result, since childhood, I remained an association that discipline is from the field of violence that they are trying to impose something for me, they want to force me to do something meaningless and completely not mine. Something from the field of submission, and with subordination I have a problem all my life.

The dull obligation was all disciplinary, and no one explained to me the practical meaning of the discipline and my personal benefit from this. And the benefit was really and is, that’s what is insulting.

Therefore, I had a million ways to evade this meaningless «need».

The simplest was the multi -volume paternal medical encyclopedia. As soon as some kind of control was drawn or I was just boring to get up to the “zero” lesson at 7:45, there were descriptions of endless diseases that could memorize, imitate the symptoms and go with all this to the local doctor. The district police officer believed in everything and freed me from school.

Once I almost operated on the appendicitis, which I did not have, and another time the doctor for some reason did not believe that I had a Lumbago disease (among the people-a fire in the lower back). But there were no more misfires, and I managed to somehow live in an undisciplint, bypassing any tension unpleasant for me.

Nothing happened with the regime of the day, although it hung on my wall, such a multi -colored poster. Almost nothing of the planned was implemented, my day did not correspond to any plan, and in the end I was tired of filling this table.

The same fate has been comprehended after many years all my diaries. These were new attempts to become a disciplined person, but on about the fifth page the text was interrupted each time. And at least crack, I did not go out to plan, comply with these plans, and even record progress in writing. My desktop is still scored by barely starting diaries, some ten years. It’s somehow stupid to throw them out-they are almost empty.

Over the years, I have been in the very least to work out with the discipline. Just because it dawned on me that it was the skill necessary for survival. But still, those people who plan and fulfill plans, those who show sequence, and not their favorite spontaneity and randomness, those who know how to exist disciplined every day, and not one indicative day, and at the same time do not declare this unrealistic achievement,for me just some super-skewers.

In general, it turned out that discipline is not about violence and submission and not about the word “necessary”, in which there is no sense for me personally. This is the ability to self -organize. And also discipline – this is when you do not evade unpleasant or difficult, as I am in childhood with a medical encyclopedia under my arm, but you go and meet difficulties.

Now it seems to me that if they explained to me in childhood that it would be much more profitable to cope with difficulties for me than avoiding them, I think it would be at least less than neurosis in my life.

I have a book, almost desktop. It was written by the psychotherapist Morgan Scott Peck. And he opened my eyes to the real meaning of discipline. “Life consists of a chain of problems. Do we wish you to lament about this or will we decide them? Do we want to teach children to solve problems? Discipline – the main set of tools necessary to solve life problems. Without discipline, we cannot solve anything. With some discipline, we will be able to solve some problems. With full discipline, we can solve all the problems «.

Here I completely agree with him. All the people known to me who have achieved something in life, are really very well self-organization, that is, they have good discipline.

Scott Pek continues: “Most of us are still not so wise. Fearing concomitant pain, almost all of us are trying to avoid problems. We are taking time, we slow, hoping that they will somehow disappear. We ignore them, forget, we pretend that they are not. The habit of evading problems and the accompanying emotional suffering that is based on all mental illnesses. Some prefer completely extraordinary measures to avoid problems and suffering they caused. Trying to get rid of problems, they build their own unusually intricate fantastic world and live in it, sometimes completely ignoring reality ”.

Further Scott Pek says that discipline has several manifestations. Let’s dwell

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on the first – the ability to put off pleasure. That is, first lessons, and then the TV is discipline. But first to break away in the club, and then write an annual report – no.

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